Electronic iPiano Lets Your Fingers Free !

An unavoidable annoyance that most often you happened to face is to turn the thick scorebook of a piano while composing music. Sometime you will be interrupted of your good mood. Nevertheless, now you don’t have to face such troubles as a new type piano called iPiano for your convenient. It has been designed to bring the ability of displaying and storing electronic score for you.
You will be let turn the pages in the piano with a single and simple touch on the screen as it has come out with an integrated touchscreen.

Click to know about Piano Apps for iPhone and iAno


Besides, novices can have an advantage for practicing from built in software of the piano. Even more, it is compatible with video display that lets you exercising some video tutorials and it is possible to compose music with the help of picture show function. The designer of the iPiano is Heyki Lee.




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One response to “Electronic iPiano Lets Your Fingers Free !

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