Web Based Operating System Ghost Is Set To Launch Today !

After a long perseverance of three years, Ghost’s High Tech Virtual Computer is set to launch today in the middle of the desert between Palestine and Israel. Ghost’s has finished the development of Web based Operating System that works using “Cloud Computing” technology to allow its users to access their desktop and data from any computer across the world.
The expansion of Ghost is Global Hosted Operating System that has been founded in 2006 by Zvi Schreiber. The main goal of founder is to create a virtual computer with compatible to work with third party Web Applications like Google Docs, Zoho, and Flickr and all above applications can be joined together into one. Besides, users can access their personal desktop, files and application.

Click to disable Safe Mode in Operating System


The founder said, I was too interested in creating a company in which Palestinians and Israelis can work together. Even more the majority of work has been completed through phone and video conferencing since the Israeli government has forbidden the most travels between these two countries.
In earlier May of 2008, the alpha version of Ghost was launched and it can be viewed in its website. Moreover, users can have 10GB extra when they start promoting code “Launch”.
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