How To Run EXE Files As JPG, PNG, GIF Or Under Any Different Extension ?

Sometimes, not even the geniuses think different. This is a complete and mystery thing for the computer technician. A tool called ExeForcer is newly designed by Steve 10120 that is able to make any file extension execute like an .exe file. As it is a simple interface, you can just right click on an empty space that will let you add an extension.

Click to recognize the characters of an Image


When you enter any extension, it will be added to the program without affecting your system and then you will be prompted to save it an exe file to some location. Here we have given an example with the extension .ray. Moreover, you can do it through command prompt simply type assoc.ray=exefile in command prompt will do what EXE-Forcer does. You can replace the .ray in the command line with any other extension you want to run it as executable.



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