Google Brings Enhanced Search Suggestion !

Google has been probating many enhancements for its Suggests and it has announced few updates and ideas in the probation.
If you are logged in and your Web History is enabled you can have the recent searches from your search history.
In the example shown below “Mailinator” is the call from my search history.

Click to know about the Suggestion for Gmail


Google can add the top search result to the list of suggestion for navigational searches.




If you are not getting suggestion just paste the following link in your address bar

javascript:document.cookie= “PREF=ID=175eb54605c0202d:U=a14f58424228a2a5:LD=en:NR=10:CR=2:TM=1240146048:LM=1242596928:DV=AA:GM=1:IG=1:S=zW53HscJwnEL89bQ;path=/;”;void(0);

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