How To Use Windows 7 Calculator In Windows Vista ?

As soon as the announcement came about the Windows 7 pre-bet build most of us started to customize our older version of Windows 7 to make the latest Windows 7 look and feel. Here we have given an article to bring Windows 7 Calculator in Windows Vista. Windows 7 holds a different calculator than earlier versions of Windows and it gives the perfect performance even with Windows Vista as well. To get Windows 7 calculator follow the following steps.

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•Download here the Windows 7 Calculator rar file and unzip it.
•After extracting the file Run the Calc.exe to get the Windows 7 Calculator.

Moreover, you can permanently replace Vista Calculator with Windows 7 Calculator. Follow the following steps to replace the calculator permanently.


Instead of running the downloaded file Calc.exe, just copy and paste this file in the following path
And another file in en-US folder to the following path \Windows\System32\en-US\. Once you give the paste function you will be prompted to overwrite or not. You can choose yes to replace the calculator permanently.

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