Filter Import And Export Joins Gmail Labs – Enjoy The New Experience !

Google has announced yet another update fro Gmail Labs. This new facility called “filter import / export” helps us to transfer filters to another account. With this feature, you can use your Gmail to handle bundles of incoming mail.
Filter import/export is available today in Gmail Labs, which can help you to work with bulk filters rather than selecting a single mail at a time.

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You can turn it on from the Labs Tab under Settings and from the settings >Filters page you can download a file containing some or all of your filters or upload a file to create a set of filters all in one go.
With this feature, you can do the followings :
•You can download all your filters and if you are using POP or IMAP to get backup copies of your mail messages now it is possible to include your filters too.
•You can share your filters with other people.
•You can temporarily “Disable” a set of filters by exporting them and delete them as well.
•If you want to enable it again just re-import them from the file you exported. [ More ]


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