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Hotmail Gives You More Than Just eMail In August !

Share your photos–the easy way

Are you still sending photos as bulky e-mail attachments? Instead you can post your images online in galleries that you create at Windows Live Photos. Your friends simply get a link and an invitation from you. No e-mail to download!

Keep the conversation going

You can IM even when you’re away from your computer—using Windows Live Messenger on your mobile device. Mobile IM looks and feels similar to Messenger on your PC: quickly see who’s online, start a group chat, send emoticons, and much more.

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Watch the Updates of Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter at One Place in Windows Live !

With Windows Live™ you can bring together your activities from many of the social sites you use today. Don’t make your friends jump from place to place to see what you’re up to. Now when you change your personal status, update your blog,

Want to access WordPress, Photobucket, Flickr and Twitter via Windows Live ?


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Windows Messenger and Hotmail Now Come To Your Mobile !

In order to compete in the mobile life every company is looking forward to develop the features. In such a way, Windows Hotmail has announced some essential features for mobile.

Windows Live Hotmail®
Email for busy people on the go!
It’s now easier than ever to communicate, share, and organize your life with Windows Live Hotmail® for mobile. You can read, compose, and send e-mail on your phone as you do on your PC, and the best part? It’s FREE* from Windows Live!

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