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Amphetype typing software download free increase your speed and accuracy

Amphetype helps you to increase your typing speed and accuracy is a layout- agnostic typing program.., read more>>>

How To Check Whether An Internet Connection Is Working Proper Or Not ?

One question for you, usually how do you check your internet connections? By using Ping method DNS and TCP procedure. Still it is impossible in huge task, now even it has come in the easiest method using a tool called NetCheck, it is a free portable utility that makes your work pretty easier by performing DNS and TCP test in a single click. Moreover, it is able to check that the internet connection is down or working proper in your system.
In this tool, normally the tool checks the status using DNS and resolves TCP connection tests.

Want to check the download speed of Multiple URL Locations ?


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RapidShare Download Accelerator Solves Your Troubles While Downloading !

Rapidshare Download Accelerator is the perfect application, which can solve your most of troubles while downloading anything from Rapidshare. This application will let you free from waiting for few minutes before your download begins. Moreover, this tool has come out with more features like, you can download multiple files at once, and this tool can increase your download speed. With this tool, you can add all the files, which you want to download at once, and it will do rest of the manual process automatically.

Click to speed up your download speed in Firefox without download manager


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