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Tachyon XC and XC 3D Video Camera System Register your present tasks for future impression

Tachyon XC and XC 3D Video Camera System VHXN

Tachyon XC and XC 3D Video Camera System VHXN

Many a moments we miss to share with others due to insufficient of device to record it instantly and even if we have the device it is hard recording it with the theme and excitement we meant but it is possible through Tachyon XC and XC 3D Video Camera System.., read more>>>


Super Talent Launches MasterDrive SX SSD With 128MB Cache !

MasterDrive SX Solid State Drive is the latest product from Super Talent that has been equipped with 128MB of DRAM cache to offer better performance. It has a 2.5-Inch form factor and it uses SATA II 3GBPS interface.
It has a new 8-channel controller based on MLC NAND Flash. Moreover, it offers up to 220MB/s Sequential Read Speed and up to 200MB/s Sequential Write Speed.

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Shock Proof HDD Rocks From Buffalo !

HD-PXU2 is a new model external HDD comes out with a huge storage space to fulfill your need of storage space. It is available in 250 GB and 500 GB capacity and it has been equipped with a shockproof case to secure you from unwanted power leakages. Moreover, it is integrated with a USB cable and you can use this device on the go.

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