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Veilo Green Bin Gives A Simple Decorative Sophistication !

In order to bring a futuristic and simple decorative erudition, a concept called Veilo has been designed for you. The side fabric made covers of the device can be easily customizable as per the taste of the individual users. Moreover, this bin is able to feature a smart way to reuse the plastic grocery bags as trash bags and unlike traditional trashcans. At the same time, the open loop and open body of this bin lets the user remove trash bags easily without any struggle. Besides, the bin has a bag compartment in the backside where you can store extra grocery. The name of thedesigner is James Chu.

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Samsung Releases Corn Based Mobile Phone !

However, the technology goes to the extreme end, still it causes some pollution in the earth. To fix this trouble this is another type of Cell phone made by Samsung and it is being sold in US on the sprint network. It is a Bio-Plastic phone made by corn-based plastic and PVC Free. Besides, this stylish phone is able to bring 2 Camera video call, Bluetooth Stereo, microSD and microSDHC cards upto 32GB.

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Modular Recycle Bin In Traditional Concept By Dave Strydom !

We have seen few models of Recycle Bin in our blog, but this is a traditional and simple shape Modular Recycling bin. It offers a modern and necessary function for its users. The recycled materials will be segregated in three different departments inside the bin. The compartments of the bin are made with plastic, glasses and tin. They act like a water bladder to change the size in accordance with the inserted materials.

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Minus Garbage Bin Lets You Free Of Bad Smell And Bacteria !

This is a frozen garbage bin called Minus that is capable to take all kinds of organic trash and freeze it. From this bin, you will never have any bad smell and pollution at your place as there is a cooling grid located inside the bin.

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