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BMW Confirms Formula One At The End Of This Year !

BMW has confirmed that it is going to leave Formula One racing at the end of this year as this sport luxury cars like to sustain in the market and environment. Yesterday in a statement chief executive of the company, Norbert Reithfer has said that the premium segment has to remain a positive role model within their society and they will remain loyal to motor sports. Moreover, the company has planned to do this in series that enables the company to transfer technology more directly and to realize the additional synergies.

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PC-KouBou Launches GeForce GTX 260M Supported Notebook !

Lesance BTO CLG629 proudly comes from PC-KouBou, it is new BTO (Built To Order. It is powered by a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 CPU, a 4GB RAM, a 500GB SATA 5400rpm HDD, an 8x DVD Super-multi, a 15.4-inch WUXGA (1920×1080 pixel) LCD screen,

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Congress Set To Form The Government Again!

The Lok Sabha election held for last few days and in most of the states voting went on peacefully. Now the vote counting starts to decide the destiny of India. In most of the states Congress contestants lead and they put an end to much awaited expectation of billion people of India. They have won most of the constituencies in the alliance name of UPA ( United Progressive Alliance ). Therefore UPA is set to return to power and Dr.Manmohan Singh will work as Indian Prime Minister for second time. The PM candidate Singh didn’t contest in any of the constituency as he has been selected as a candidate for Rajya Sabha.

Congress Set To Form The Government Again

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Internet Alarm Ready For Conficker Virus !

Yesterday the third generation of Conficker virus might have reached the internet and started to torture the experts. However, some sources say that it is one of the false alarms of April 1. The last version of Conficker has infected 15 million of computers. The new version of this viruses are well knows as “Conficker.C”, “Downadup” or “Kido”. In October, Microsoft launched update MSO8-067 which protects computers from the Conficker virus.

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