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Ultra Compact Mini PC MiNEW A10 Starts Rocking !

This is an ultra compact Mini PC, comes from Moneual. This Korean made device is called MiNEW A10. Normally this device is powered by an Intel Atom processor. The size of this device is just 20 x 21.5 x 7cm.

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Stealth Releases LPC-625F – Fanless Mini PC !

LPC-625F is a new model fanless PC comes from Stealth proudly. This mini PC can work without noisy cooling fans. This has been made with instead of a rugged extruded aluminum chassis that has the ability to provide superior dissipation of heat. There is an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor has been equipped inside this PC. Moreover, it has come out with an Intel graphics media accelerator 4500MHD, up to 4GB RAM and the hard drive up to 500GB.

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