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Splash Proof Speaker SP-AW303 Fulfills Your Music Thirst !

If we want to hear, the music while we bathing, it is impossible because most of our speakers are not made water resisted. Still you want to hear music while bathing just go with Splash Proof Speakers come from JVC and it will perfectly take care of your iPod or other MP3 Players.
You can have this device in three different colors they are Blue, Pink and White to enjoy the music in your bathroom for relaxation.

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World’s Cheapest Car Goes To India – “Nano” From TATA Motors !

TATA has put an end to much awaited expectation of Nano Europa car. This is the world’s cheapest car has been unveiled yesterday. This car has caught global attention at its unveiling at the Delhi Auto Expo in India on 2008. It will be rolled out in select international markets within the next two years. TATA motors has decided to launch this car on March 23 in Mumbai. In a statement, TATA Group head Ratan Tata said Nano has also generated wide interest in developed countries and he is expecting to introduce this car even in European market, as it is the cheapest car in the world.

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3-in-1 USB Washing Machine – Feel The Change !

This new model gadget has been designed to offer three in one features. They are a clock, a 3-port USB hub and a card reader.
Important features of this device:
•It looks similar to a washing machine.
•It has come out with USB 2.0 specification.
•You can have all in one card reader.

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