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Ratoc Releases VGA To DVI Dongle !

If you feel uneasy with the VGA port that is in your system, you may feel easy with plugging your computer to plug into DVI or HDMI TV. Therefore, you can now come out of this trouble, now you can have a solution that is made for your thirst from Ratoc in Japan. The name of the device is REX-VGA2DVI-PW that is a dongle powered by USB can it is capable to plug your VGA from a PC to a TV.

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Warpia Wireless USB-HDMI Display Adapter More For You !

Warpia Wireless USB-to-HDMI display adapter has come out from Source R&D and Wisair. This adapter has the capability to bring VGA and HDMI connectivity and it can support up to 1400 x 1050 resolutions.

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