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Air Pen Mini From Hanwha Is Ready To Take On Pentel – Duo For Laptop !

Already we disclosed a new model Air Pen from Pentel earlier this month. Now another model Air Pen is ready to take on Pentel’s make from Hanwah, Japan. It is more similar to Pentel. This Duo For Laptop brings almost same features as Pentel gives, additionally Hanwah gives the facility to write directly on your Laptop’s screen in order to convert your average notebook in a Table PC.
Whenever you use this device you have to put a receiver on the top of your screen as which has the ability to capture our every move via Infrared and Ultrasonic technology.

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Pentel Airpen Mini Now Works With PC and MAC !

This is a new model device comes with complete useful entertainment. The name of the device is Pentel Airpen Mini that is supposed to work with both PC and Mac. It is expected to be available in Japan by next week with the storage memory of 2MB in which you can store up to 100 A5 pages. It is supposed to work with Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista 32 and 64Bit and only on OS X V10.5.

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