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Portable Gradient To Keep Your Beverages Cool Or Warm !

Already we have discussed about compact and portable Cooler for you beverages. In such a way, this new one has come out with more features than earlier make. The name of the concept is Gradient, which is an ultra-portable electrically powered concept device. It has the ability to maintain a steady temperature of a cup of tea or coffee. This is lightweight and easy to use with the given buttons placed on the case and we can easily monitor the temperature on the highlighted LED display.

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Barista Portable Espresso Maker – Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor !

Barista, you can never be without it, because it is a handy espresso maker. This maker has been designed especially for home use to enhance and simplify the user experience both indoor and outdoor. This is not like other espresso machines, but it can be used for multiple persons to have a great experience of coffee making. This unit consists of brewing unit, docking station and five espresso cups.

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