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Why Cannot I Flush The DNS Resolver Cache ?

DNC Client you may know that how important word it is. It is used by Windows Operating System in order to speed up the windows by resolving and storing the domain names and system names. Still, few drawbacks are often experienced by the users while using DNS cache in Windows Operating Systems. Normally this ipconfig /flushdns command is being used to flush the DNS cache when we like to resolve the domain names anew.

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How To Copy DVD To Player Media And Directly Playback On Apple DVD Player ?

Apple DVD Player, formerly named Mac DVD Player, is the default DVD player in Mac OS X. It supports all the standard DVD features such as multiple audio, video & subtitle tracks as well as Dolby audio and closed captions. Since it is the official player for Mac, Mac users will get used to that.
In the upgrade version of DVD Copy for Mac, we add Copy DVD to DVD player Media on Mac. If you choose to copy your DVD as DVD Player Media, after copying, you can play the file directly with Mac DVD player. It would be more convenient for Mac users. Here we can copy DVD to DVD Player Media for four easy steps with DVD Copy for Mac.

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Few More Options In Google Translation !

Whenever you translate your web pages, you can have few more options now and you can set a different destination language and translate a new web page by just entering the address in the persistent input box. Moreover, you can have another new interface to display the translation in tooltips for our convenient to read the original text.

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Efficient Address Book Lets You Keep Your Customer Information Safe And Secure !

Customer contact information is one of the essential tools for business management, but sometimes it is very hard to keep the information safe and secure. Therefore, if you want to manage the information safe and secure, you can use the Efficient Address Book Free that can let you manage safe.

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Now You Can Disable Search WiKi In Google !

Now Search Page of Google has come out with an option to disable the Search Wiki. It is as easy as just clicking on the checkbox next to Search Wiki. Therefore, we can hide the ability to share, promote, remove, comment or to add our own results.

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Now Picasa Comes With Creative Commons Search !

You have been using Google’s photo album service Picasa Web Albums, now picasa lets you show options during our search. As a part of these options, you can tick the “Creative Commons” link that will only return shareable pictures.

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Dell Starts Selling Downloadable Microsoft Software – Easy And Economical Way !

Microsoft and Dell you know them better, but you don’t know them in a collaboration. Dell has become the first non-Microsoft company to sell Microsoft products as downloadable in Dell Download Store. This agreement is announced yesterday, in which Dell is given the right to sell Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Expression Web and similar Microsoft Programs directly to online customers.

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Wherever You Are Bing Is Accessible !

Bing, another search Giant is rocking in the web and now got a better response among the users. Now it has announced some more features for its users to make their search better than ever in Bing.

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