PDF Xchange Viewer – A Portable PDF Reader That Opens Larger Files In Seconds !

If you are looking for a trap free access of PDF files software, PDF-Xchange Viewer can bring the finest solutions for you to open PDF Files. Using this tool, you can easily open any PDF file format from Version 1.0 to the latest 1.7. Besides, it is a portable software and available free of cost. Therefore, you can take around this PDF Xchange Viewer wherever you want.
This tool is able to open PDF files very faster even for larger size of files. Moreover, you can have thumbnail pages in the left sidebar and full preview in the right sidebar.

Click to Publish PDF Files easier than ever in Google Docs


At the same time, you can have few more features as follow:
•You can add comments and annotations in any PDF files.
•You can type directly any PDF page in the typewriter mode.
•It is easy to markup pages with text and objects.
•In this tool, you can export PDF pages or entire files to image formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.
•You can extract text from a specific PDF page or from an entire file.
•You can add and apply custom stamps from any type image or PDF File.
In addition, if you like this software, you can have this installer version also. Start rocking…..


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