Get Latest Title And Update Of A Website And Blog Using Feederr !

You may have seen some free web tools in order to show the latest article’s title of a blog or a website in the widget forms. In such a way this is another one that lets you access similar experience to get the latest blog post title of any website or a blog. The name of the tool is Feederr that appears in the form of 468PX wide banner for giving an eternal performance. It doesn’t perform like other tools but it shows one latest title of an article from a blog or a website.

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If you want to use this just follow the following steps

•Go to the website Feederr and enter the URL of a blog or a site that you want.
•Then just click on the Lets do it button in order to see the settings page.
•Then select the theme and banner which you want among 468X60 and 468X15.
•Moreover, you can select color of the border, font and background.
•At last click on get codes button to copy the embed code.

Now you can view the 468 PX banner that shows the latest post title of a direct image code, BB code or an HTML code. Thus, now you can make your easiest way to show the latest title of your blog or site anywhere.

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