Top Ten Tips, Tricks And Hacks For Google Chrome !

Google Chrome has become an unavoidable word as well as browser for netizens. Here we have given some essential tips, tricks and hacks for you.
•If you want to resize the text area, you can do it by dragging it to the lower right corner, therefore if you need to write a little big comment in a blog, you can easily expand the text area.
•If you want search for keywords, you can do it by pressing just Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E, at the same it is possible by typing “?keyword”
•If you want to reopen recently closed tab, it is possible by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T, and at the same time, it is possible to check “Recently Closed Tabs” option while opening a new tab.
•If you are not satisfied with Chrome, you can easily switch to other search engines by choosing “Edit Search Engine”, after right clicking on the address bar.
•The other major feature of this Chrome is, we can type about:memory in the address bar and we will get a report about running browsers in the machine. Moreover, it will be able to display the details of memory usage by different Google Chrome’s process. Like wise, you we can get many other about pages like about:stats, about:version, about:network, about:dns, about:crash, about:histograms, about:cache, about:plugins, about:hang etc.

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•It is possible to drag a window wherever we want, we can create a new window right from browser tab and we can add it back to the original window.
•We can surf in Private Browsing Mode and we can try the “Incognito Mode”. It is possible entering Incognito Mode by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N and it is possible by right clicking “Open link in incognito window.”
•We can directly drag and drop a downloaded file directly from Google Chrome to the desktop or a particular folder.
•We can monitor the resources being used by a web page just by right clicking inside the page to choose “Inspect element”.
•At last, you can have an Easter egg in Google Chrome. If you will type about:internets you will be prompted a series of tubes taken from the tubes screensaver.


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