How To Create My Own WordPress Theme Using Photoshop ?

WordPress, the word no one can forget are mistake as it is an essential thing being used by netizens and bloggers. If you want to use a theme for WordPress you have to pay some hundred of dollars. Nevertheless, here Devine lets you create your own free themes in a click. Device is a free plugin that lets you convert any Photoshop PSD design to well coded WordPress theme.
If you want to use this method,
•Download and install the Plugin Devine.
•Then open your PSD design in Photoshop.
•Then go to Devine in menu bar and publish.
•Assign WordPress elements in your theme.
•Then upload your theme to look the preview.

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Detail steps explained below :
Minimal system requirements:
Divine 0.5.0 version was developed as the plug-in for the popular editor Photoshop.
This is why minimal system requirements straightly depend on your Photoshop version’s requirements.
Step 1
Launch your Photoshop editor. (We have Version CS3). As you can see, Divine item has appeared in the editor menu.


Step 2
Open template ( Click to Download )


Step 3
After the template is loaded, launch the Divine plug-in.


Step 4
Next, we must assign the main roles to our template’s elements. Creating the elements blank parts of the template in advance and assigning roles to them, you assign the styles to all those elements at the same time.


Step 5
Additional elements assigning. To create a valid page you’ll need additional elements besides the main ones. To do that, highlight required elements and assign UserItem roles to them. After that we can assign links to them and change their ID.


Step 6
New theme creation and publication. After we assigned all necessary roles to the elements, we can set to creating a theme. All we need to do that is press Publish. And if your account is set correctly, the theme will at once be uploaded.
(See detailed instruction on profile settings in the chapter Documentation. Interface. Menu)


Step 7
Activate your theme and enjoy the result. After short and easy work we see the result.


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