VineGuard Futuristic Agricultural ROBOT !

Now you can say that there is no place without ROBO and ROBOTICS around the world. In agriculture, already ROBOs are dominating, but still, VineGuard is another new futuristic concept that can be used as an animal instead of using a real animal. The concept has arisen from fully functional insects that are to be eliminated.
You can say that this works as an insect killer machine concept autonomously. Moreover, it lets the user to relax from worrying about his incomplete works. Besides, it is able to bring the information to the boss automatically.

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It is consisting of heavy-duty batteries that are able to provide hours of working, using a single motor in each wheel. The spraying mechanism of the concept holds a nozzle and a camera that is able to provide a real time detection of the grapes and spray on them accurately. The designer of the concept is Eyal David.





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