Sexy Space Trojan Antivirus Is Identified In Three Different Companies !

Sexy Space is the latest Trojan, which has been identified in three different Chinese Companies as they are being affected. Malware defence company F-Secure has identified this Trojan. This virus is spread through the Symbian Foundation digital signing process and it spreads itself by text message.
This Trojan lets attackers send a link via text messages, which are able to download worm, then the virus can send similar text messages to all of your contacts.

Want to check that your anti virus is working proper or not ?


Besides, F-Secure says, that this is the first identified virus and it blames, and blames XiaMen Jinlonghuatian Technology, ShenZhen ChenGuangWuXian Technology, and XinZhongLi TianJin for its creation.
Despite it has not reached wider, few reports say that its existence is in China and Middle East. The target of the virus is all Symbian S60 phones.



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