Adding Tables In Google Presentations Is As Easy As MS Office !

Now the presentation editor of Google Docs features a new option that is very useful to insert tables for your convenient. The implementation of Google is good to bring the table editor and it will add the new word processor.
For this Google has borrowed a simple cell selection menu from PowerPoint to count the numbers of columns and rows. You can check out the performance just by inserting 15 x 15 table(For example) and look at how it performs dynamically.
Moreover, if you want to add more rows you don’t have to click on Table menu and to choose the option manually, instead you can just press “+” button next to one of the rows. Besides, you can have another similar button for selecting rows and columns from Google Presentations.

Click to Sort table In Google Docs


At the same time, you can easily add, select and resize the rows and columns in a single click if you have inserted a table in your presentations. And, you can set the background colors, format and align the texts across the table. As available in some office applications, the rows and columns will auto fit as per your given texts.
Another major feature is, you can use a play button for embedded presentations. In this, you can click on the button then the presentations will start changing for every three seconds and you can customize the interval period of the slides in the videos.


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