Wind and Solar Powered Hybrid Street Lamp Produces Reusable Energy !

Solar has made a significant change in every human life since it features most of the devices to work with it. As it has to prove it again, there is an innovative concept that might work in wind and solar power. It is a hybrid street lamp that is able to operate completely off grid as well as it produces light by using renewable energy. The main reason to develop this concept is to bring more sustainable future that integrates a range of reusable energy.

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Besides, these lamps have come out with a solar array that has been connected to wind turbine and it is capable for producing up to 380W of power. Moreover, the turbines of the lamp can be either a horizontal axis wind or a second-generation 300W vertical axis wind turbine. At the same time there are two solar panels are mounted on the side to produce up to 80W of power.





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