WordPress 2.8.1 Fixes Complete Errors And Tightens Plugin Security ! Free Download !

It is not meant that every version of tools, application, software etc can come with complete error fixing. Because, whatever the latest versions may be, still they have some unknown errors at the beginning of applications.
In such a way, WordPress is very keen on announcing its latest error fixed versions for users convenient. Nevertheless, after launching the every updated version, there were some errors, which cannot be fixed.
Still WordPress has been announcing its latest version. Yesterday, WordPress has announced its latest version 2.8.1 that has come out with error fixing ability that is occurred in its earlier version. Even more, it is able to fix many bugs, it has tightened the security for plugin administrator page and wordpress suggests for its latest version that it is safer than ever.

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Some important features of WordPress 2.8.1:
•Certain themes were calling get_categories() in such a way that it would fail in 2.8. 2.8.1 Works around this so these themes won’t have to change.
•Dashboard memory usage is reduced. Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
•The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
•A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
•Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.
•Translation of role names fixed.
•wp_page_menu() defaults to sorting by the user specified menu order rather than the page title.
•Upload error messages are now correctly reported.
•Autosave error experienced by some IE users is fixed.
•Styling glitch in the plugin editor fixed.
•SSH2 filesystem requirements updated.
•Switched back to curl as the default transport.
•Updated the translation library to avoid a problem with mbstring.func_overload.
•Stricter inline style sanitization.
•Stricter menu security.
•Disabled code highlighting due to browser incompatibilities.
•RTL layout fixes.
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