How To Let Firefox To Open Links In Same Tab ?

Sometimes we get annoyed of the links to open in different windows or in different tabs in some browsers. The links may go to another domain or links unrelated to our needs. Nevertheless, there is a boon available for Firefox users to open the links in the same tab of the browser.
If you want to change this method means you have to type in [about:config] in a tab in the Firefox web browser.

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This can open the Firefox configuration and then you have to accept the disclaimer for the first time and you can filter for the term []. The default entry of the entry is [3] that opens the links normally in a new window in a new tab.
If you want Firefox to open the links in the same tab, you have to change the value to [1] that is able to open all the links in the new window in a new tab. In that case changing the value to [2] can open the new windows in a new window.


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