Quick And Easy Foldable Transportation Concept – Zoomla !

Zoomla is an alternative transportation concept especially has been designed to bring a quick, portable and around town transportation. You can have the quicker, easier and more intuitive fold from a Single-Pivot design of the bike. The unique L-Frame of the bike eliminates the usual steering tube. The handle of the bike has been integrated with the capability to allow Zoomla to be rolled than traditional crank and pedals.

Click to know about IziBi Foldable – Rocking Bike


Moreover, thepedal deck employs a compact inner drive system. The weight of the bike is just five-kilo grams and comes in a compact shape that we can keep it an average school locker. In addition, it is possible to attach a backpack just below the seat to carry our things. The designer of the bike is Eric Stoddard.





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