LG Brings 55Inch Ultra Slim Full LED TVs !

In order to introduce its latest and new 55-Inch ultra-slim full LED TVs to the Korean markets, LG has held a press conference. The models of the LED TV are 55LH95 and 55LH93.
It features a brighter and clearer screen with backlighting that has totally 3,360 LEDs and seven times more than existing edge-LED TVs. Moreover, it brings a full LED LCD models and features a 5000, 000:1 contrast ratio through enhanced dimming technology that divides the screen into 240 blocks. The refresh rate of the TV is 240 Hz and it has the capability to maintain a vibrant and smooth image even in fast-paced action scenes.

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The thickness of the TV is just 24.8mm and the LEDs of the TV spread-out horizontally and minimize the distance between the LEDs and the screen. The suggested price for the model 55LH93 is 7,000,000(KRW) and 7,600,000(KRW) for 55LH95 model.




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