How To Replace Filename Spaces With Underscore ?

If you want to change or replace the spaces in your file name and you want to change this for bulk files means you can use this small and compact utility called Space Remover which is just 4.7KB in size that lets you rename files by replacing spaces in filenames with underscore “_”. If you want to use it just download the file, Unzip and double click on the icon to run the utility.

Click to protect your files from Copying, Renaming and Deleting


After double clicking on the icon, browse for the folder that contains files to be renamed or to remove space in the filenames. Then file name will come for you in the left side, once you get the files click on remove spaces button to see renamed files on right side. The main thing to be noted about this utility you can only rename files that have specific file extension. Then you have to change the value in pattern box to have specific file extension such like *.DOC, *.PNG, *.JPG etc.

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