Chrome Brings An Updated And Customizable New Tab Page !

Today Google Chrome has received an important place among the web browsers, but still there have been some developments ever since the browser was launched. Such like that Chromium an open source version of Google Chrome has included a new and more customizable new tab page. Therefore, we can easily pin, remove and reorder the thumbnails without entering the edit mode, Pinned items will be displayed in the new tab page in which you can see only eight thumbnails even though they are not visited often.

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In the page the list of search engines and recent bookmarks have been removed and there will be a new section of recent activities that comprise recently closed tabs and recent downloads. Another important feature is “Recommendations” but still it is in progress. Moreover, in this we can hide thumbnails and list of recent activities if we don’t want to find them. Nevertheless, unfortunately, this updated tab page is not yet ready to use but we can enable it if we have a recent Chromium build.


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