Tailgater – Portable Sound System With Integral iPod Dock !

Tailgater is a new portable sound system comes with an integral iPod dock. It looks like a stack amplifier and it has a high power amplifier and speakers inside the device. This device sports extra inputs too which means we can plug in mic for karoke, a guitar for strumming and we can plug in a keytar for all we know. It is available for just £149.95.

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Important Note :
•Battery Life may vary based on temperature, age, and volume usage of product.
Important Features:
•Inputs for microphone and other audio sources
•High-quality microphone included
•Dock for iPod fits most docking models
•Heavy-duty construction with carry handle
•Built-in, eight-hour battery with level indicator
•Single-unit sound system for full, rich sound
•Time required to fully charge the TAILGATER: 12 Hours
•Output Wattage: 16W (THD ?1%)
•Frequency Response:
oAux Input 78Hz – 80kHz
oiPod Input 63Hz – 77kHZ
•Input Voltage: AC 100-120V/60Hz 220-240V/50Hz
•Output Voltage: 8V/4?
•Battery Life: 8 hours, with typical use (at 2/3 volume)


Contents of the device :
•1x Microphone with cable
•1x Quick Start Guide
•1x Tailgater portable sound system
•1x Power cable
Dimensions of the device :
•Approximately 31cm(H) x 31cm(W) x 23.5cm(D)

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