How To Search And Replace Multiple Excel Spreadsheets ? ExcelPipe !

Excel, it is a well-known word for all of us, but ExcelPipe Search and Replace is another simple tool available for you to search and replace multiple Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.
With this tool, we can effective power can capability to do the above process easily and simple. Moreover, we can change the hyperlinks and UNC paths while renaming servers and updating contacting details.

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Following are the some important features of this tool :

•Now can search/replace inside Chart Titles and Defined Names
•Now can change the path of embedded OLE and DDE links to databases and other sources.
•Unicode search and replace
•Search-Only mode
•Search and replace with all Excel’s options such as Match Case, Whole Cell/Partial Cell etc, plus more.
•Handles any number of sub folders
•Search and replace inside hyperlink addresses
•Search and replace UNC link paths
•Search and replace inside shapes


•Search and replace inside built in document properties and custom properties such as Title, Subject, Author, Company etc
•Search and replace inside headers and footers
•Search and replace inside VBA Code Modules – even if protected with a password.
•Search and replace inside Sheet Names e.g. Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3
•Works with Windows SharePoint Services document libraries


•Fully Unicode compliant – search and replace international character sets (unlike competing products)
•Allows replacements to be longer than 255 characters (Microsoft Excel limits this to 255)
•Control the spreadsheet types used – so you can process .xls, or any custom spreadsheet type
•Can be automated or scheduled via the command line, and settings are saved in an easy-to-edit or generate XML format
•Handles password-protected spreadsheets – these get flagged for manual follow-up
•Read only documents can be processed or skipped
•Easy to install/uninstall
•The original file date and time stamp can be preserved.


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