Text Speaker Reads Your Onscreen Words And Emails !

Text Speaker when you say this name you will easily find out the purpose of this software. Yeah ! This tool will get your onscreen into a high quality speech and it can save it in MP3 or WAV formats.
Therefore, there is no necessary to read your page and page text straining your eyes. It can read the text aloud in human voices. Moreover, it has the ability to hear books, reports, email and web pages in your PC by just pressing a given hotkey. It can turn your documents into MP3 formats for your Apple iPod or other audio player.

Click to insert text in YouTube videos


In addition, it has the ability to create internet radio station, convert RSS to talk background music to spoken words and it can support a wide variety of free voice.


Following are the important features given detailed :
•Listen to any text as spoken words
•Convert text into WAV or MP3 files for later listening
•Read any text aloud by pressing a keyboard hotkey
•Open and read Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), RTF, PDF, HTML, and TXT files
•Add background music to spoken words
•Choose from a wide assortment of free voices, or purchase quality professional voices
•Adjust reading speed, pitch, and pronunciation
•Use multiple voices within a single document.
•Drag and Drop files from the Windows Explorer into Text Speaker.
•Read or convert documents directly from the Windows Explorer.
•Read documents in native language voices.
•Use word processing features to edit and save your changes.



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