VHXN Is Grateful To You For Its Successful 2000 Articles !

Today it is one of the unforgettable moments in our lives as we have successfully completed 2000 articles in our site about different things in technology. Since this is our 2000th article we feel little proud of us to write about ourselves in our site. We have begun our journey in December 8th of 2007.
In our journey, we have come across so many troubles and lurches to retain this position. Now we have a certain bigger amount of regular users to keep watching us in our articles and we have a good position in the net to satisfy the visitors since we have a good data about various departments in Technology comprising Futuristic Equipments, Gadgets and Vehicles, Software, Mobiles, Computer and Tips. In addition, we feel we are one of the sites to offer all kinds of departments in a single site of the category Technology.

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Mid of the journey there were some heavy mishaps to throw out us 10 times far from our rank as our workers got away in a small misunderstanding with us. In spite of these troubles, now we have overcome few sites those who were neck to neck for us in the position at the first time.
Even more at the beginning, there were a tough criticism and disapproval for our trying to reach this position. All we endured since we were already dedicated for this site to make it run in a good manner.
Yeah.. We got it.. Our past, present and future will be possible and determined by only our visitors after God. So here, we are obliged to convey our heartiest thanks, gratitude, and regards to you at this precious event.
So Please Keep supporting us to grow little bigger and bigger.. Keep Supporting us.
Thank you… Thanks a lot…

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