How To Find Lost Car Using Pocket GPS Locator ? Ecco GPS Intelligent Digital Compass !

GPS navigation technology has turned now very smaller than other technology devices, because you can carry it on your keys and you can store the location of your car’s GPS co-ordinate when you park your car. Therefore, it will be very useful for absent-minded personalities. After parking your car mark your parking spot, when you return this key will lead you right back to your car.

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Following are the some important features of this concept:
•It is as small as your key and high tech GPS fob
•You can locate your single or multiple locations within a second.
•It can work at the range of 10 feet to 9,999 miles around the world.
•As it is self-contained system, you do not have to use a receiver in your car.
•No monthly service charges are applicable.
•This GPS locator is available for $89.99.



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