Which Is The Best Bing Or Google ?

We all know well about the search Giant Google, but now you it is one of the biggest search engines in the world. Because the much expected Bing has come to the sight from Microsoft. It is just a day since it has started its journey, but still it has grabbed the biggest place among the netizens.

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Although Google brings the faster performance, it may be overtaken by Bing. Because, Bing brings more features than Google. It performs faster than Google, if you search for anything Bing will give the result faster than Google. Even more, it shows the features in left side of the windows like Images and Videos. If you pick Videos means, it will show the videos in row and columns. You can choose the list view and grid view in Bing and for Images it is one step advanced than videos, because it will show the zooming options like Zoom Small, Zoom Medium and Zoom Larger and more details.


In addition, in left side you have more options like Size, Layout, Color, Style and People. Therefore, you can choose your size of the picture, layouts, colors, styles and people in which you can choose how you want to see the images like Just faces, Head and Shoulders and others. If you will just point your cursor over the images, it will show the options like Similar Images, Websites link and an option to send feedback.

For videos Bing will show the complete details and customized options like Length, Screen size, Resolution and Source. Therefore, it is now very easy to view the videos and images as our wish by means of Bing. If you will use Bing means you will find the difference, once you will be addicted you will never stop using Bing because there are so many features, which we have not given here.


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