PhotoFast 533X PLUS CF Card Comes With Higher Rate Of Data Transfer Process !

PhotoFast 533X CF Card has been introduced last week, which has come out with an 80MBs Reading speed, and 40MBs of writing speed.

Some feature of this device are given below :
•It is compatible with dual-channel support
•The data transfer rate of this device is Read: 80MB/sec(Max) Write: 80MB/sec(Max).

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•It can support Ultra DMA mode 0-6.
•It can support high-end DSLR.
•CompactFlash 4.1 compliant.
•It has come out with built-in hardware ECC Technology to detect and correct the errors.
•It supports ATA interface.
•It is compatible with Multi-Platform technology.
•RoHS compliant.

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