Gladinet Cloud Desktop Lets You Integrate Online Application With Local Desktop !

Although you are using online applications, you may not yet integrate the applications. Gladinet Cloud Desktop is software that lets you store files and folders as local folders in Windows Explorer and you can integrate the application with the local desktop.  It is a personal cloud agent for internet users and a desktop delivery agent for cloud service providers. Change the way you use cloud resources.

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Some important features of Gladient Cloud Desktop:
•Amazon S3, Google Docs, Google Picasa, ADrive…
•Incrementally backup local folders or drives to web storage
•Powerful task scheduling for Delete, Download, and Upload
•Application Side Panel: convenient web storage controls
•Upload/Download Acceleration technology
•Profile encryption and data-at-rest encryption


Integrate Cloud Applications with Desktop:

•Gladinet Cloud File Type Association
Google Docs/Spreadsheet, Thinkfree Suite, Zoho
•Open local file using cloud applications directly

The login credentials for cloud storages and services are stored in users local PC. Gladinet does not collect them. They are used only when connecting to cloud services.


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