How To View The Email And User’s Statistics In Outlook ?

If you want to see, the associated statistics of Outlook email client on your computer just go with OutlookStatView, which is a small utility to bring the solution. This tool will scan Outlook mailbox and display the general statistics. You can have different types of information to be used for further analysis. This tool will show following information for every user.

Want to extract emails automatically from Outlook ?


•You can have the count of sent messages to the user.
•You can have the count of received messages in your mailbox.
•You can have the total size of messages sent by the user.
•You can have the Email Client Software used by specific user.
•You can have the time range of sent and received emails from all users.
As it is a portable one you don’t need to install it, if you want to use it, just download, unzip and double click on the file. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and works with any version of Microsoft Outlook.


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