ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery Stores Your Memories Digitally !

If you worrying about your memories stored in photographs, just stop worrying about it. Because this is a new model, digital Portable device called ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery. It can bring the finest solution for your memories.

Click to use start menu in Portable Devices


Features of this device:
•4GB onboard storage
•40,000 photo capacity as optimized resolution
•Download direct from SD card or Digital Camera
•3 hours battery life
•Includes protective leather case
•Case also works as a stand


Specifications of this device :
•7” Screen
•800 x 480 pixels
•4GB internal memory
•SD card slot to expand memory
•Compatible with USB devices
Contents of this device :
•Album Digital Photo Gallery
•Instruction manual
•Mains adapter with UK, European and US plugs
•Leather case

Dimensions of this device :
•Measures: 19.5cm x 11.3cm x 1.4cm
•Weighs: 408 grams
Firmware of this device:
•The latest version of the firmware is downloadable here:
Firemware 1.8 (2.1MB)
•To install: Make sure ALBUM is plugged in, connect to your computer via USB and copy the firmware to the ALBUM. Disconnect and reboot to start the update process.
Manual of this device :
•The manual is downloadable here:
English ALBUM Manual (1.7MB)
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewer.

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