Alternative Approach Comes For Captcha From Google !

Paper [PDF] a new approach of Captchas, has been released by Google researchers. This new feature will be very useful instead of using captchas to confirm that user is not a spam and he is a human. This new feature is about to orient a picture into an upright-facing position. We can change the position of the given image, it is too better than entering captchas. Here we have given some example images.

Click to disable ThumbNails in Google Chrome


According to Google, this set is easy to orient upwards for humans, as the spammers and bots are using face detection they may also succeed here.

This method is more useful approach for humans, it is about adjusting to an upwards direction is easy, but it is not possible for bots.


This method is too hard for humans too, as they have to adjust this one correctly.


[ More ]


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