Windows Messenger and Hotmail Now Come To Your Mobile !

In order to compete in the mobile life every company is looking forward to develop the features. In such a way, Windows Hotmail has announced some essential features for mobile.

Windows Live HotmailĀ®
Email for busy people on the go!
It’s now easier than ever to communicate, share, and organize your life with Windows Live HotmailĀ® for mobile. You can read, compose, and send e-mail on your phone as you do on your PC, and the best part? It’s FREE* from Windows Live!

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Windows Live Messenger
Not cool to talk? Chat instead.
Messenger makes it easier for you to stay in sync with the people in your life, on the go, when and where you want. Plus you can still do all your favorite Messenger activities, like chat with multiple friends and even send fun emoticons!

Windows Live Photos
Take your pics with you, wherever you go.
Now you can save, share and view photos – right from your phone! Windows Live Photos makes it easier for you to upload & create great looking photo pages on your phone, and the experience is just as simple as on your PC.

Windows Live for Windows Mobile
Using a Windows Mobile phone? Now you can get the Windows Live experience made just for your Windows Mobile phone including e-mail, instant messaging, contacts and more.

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