RapidShare Download Accelerator Solves Your Troubles While Downloading !

Rapidshare Download Accelerator is the perfect application, which can solve your most of troubles while downloading anything from Rapidshare. This application will let you free from waiting for few minutes before your download begins. Moreover, this tool has come out with more features like, you can download multiple files at once, and this tool can increase your download speed. With this tool, you can add all the files, which you want to download at once, and it will do rest of the manual process automatically.

Click to speed up your download speed in Firefox without download manager


This tool is completely available free of cost. Main thing to be noted about this application is, you must have installed .NET Framework before using this application.
Some important features of this application :
•It is portable and is just 53KB in size.
•It can support mirrored links.
•It can save your download list and folder.
•You can download multiple files simultaneously.


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