USB Moody 3-Port Hub Comes With Erasable Electronic Memo Pad !

This is a new model 3-Port Hub, comes with an Erasable Memo Pad. It allows the users write the telephone numbers or something important immediately. You can easily delete the written text on the top of the device using provided mark pen. You can say that this is an environmental and user-friendly device, which allows writing without paper. It flaunts a moody light design to decorate your desk and it has come out with built-in 3-USB ports to connect the USB devices conveniently.

Click to know about the USB hub which sounds like a cow


Product Specifications:
•  3 ports USB hub
•  USB 2.0 interface
•  Erasable memo pad
•  Colourful moody light
•  Convenient to write down telephone number or something important at once


•  Environmental friendly, use erasable memo pad instead of using papers
•  Support Windows 95/98SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA
•  Size: 113*94*28mm
•  Weight: 100g


•  USB Moody 3-Port Hub + Erasable Memo Pad

•  User guide

•  A mark pen

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