Today it is time to rediscover Hotmail !

Have you noticed the changes? Today’s Hotmail® is up to 70% faster! Plus with billions of spam messages blocked daily, it’s safer and more reliable than ever. They have also added cool new features like Quick add, “What’s New,” and ever-growing storage. Keep reading for details …

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Find, insert, send! :
Now with Quick add, it’s easy to find and insert useful maps, cool images and can’t-miss videos from the Web, and more—without ever leaving the e-mail you’re composing!


Easy ways to socialize :
In Hotmail you can quickly see the latest things the friends in your network are up to their photos, comments, status updates, even their Web activities at a glance via the “What’s New” feed.


Your inbox just got bigger :
You spoke, Hotmail listened. With ever-growing storage, Hotmail grows with you giving you the space you need! No more worrying about deleting old e-mail messages or large attachments.


New mobile options for Hotmail :
Now you can get Hotmail on your iPhone! Also supported are Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Nokia. Get mail when you’re on the go.


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