Lightning Hybrids LH3 Concept Car

Definitely, you already know about the Lightning Hybrids Company, which is a well-known automotive manufacturing and research company. Now the reason for saying about this company is it is going to develop its latest LH3 car concept, which is a 100 MPG hydraulic-biodiesel hybrid car. The prototype work for this car was started earlier this year to finish the work before the Denver Auto show, which will be held at 1st to 5th April 2009.

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This car is powered with a 90 HP BioDiesel/Diesel engine, which is currently rated in Europe at 90 MPG, mated in parallel to a Hydraulic motor/pump of 150 HP and accumulator system. Moreover, this car has the capability to go at 110MPH and to go at 0-60 MPH in just six seconds.





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