Google Set To Release Orkut App For Mobile Phones !

Today there is no limit for the improvement of Google. It has all set to release the Orkut App for mobile version as downloadable. This version is a Java Application and supposed to work with BlackBerry, Nokia or any other J2ME-enabled mobile phones much like the existing Gmail app. The main reasons for using this application are you can use this application to capture the photos using your mobile phone and you can post them into Orkut App in a click. Moreover, you will have the facility to access your Orkut Scraps, Friends List and photos even offline. Using this application, you can share your photos albums with your mobile phone contact through SMS messages.

Want to send reverted Scrap in Orkut ?


To use the Gmail application, you’ll need:
•A mobile device that supports Java ME (J2ME), MIDP 2.0
•A data plan
•The Verisign Class 3 public certificate with serial number ’70:BA:E4:1D:10:D9:29:34:B6:38:CA:7B:03:CC:BA:BF’ on your device.
Note: The Gmail app is not supported for Windows Mobile, Palm Treo, or BREW-enabled devices. Also, some mobile service providers may restrict data usage by applications. We recommend contacting your mobile provider to confirm the details of your data plan. Not all devices allow you to check for the Verisign certificate.

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