Google Now Offers Real Time Translation !

Now Internet Explorer has come out with an experimental version of Google Toolbar for china. This is one of the most favorite features of Google that allows the toolbar to translate web pages that use AJAX extensively and even web sites that require SSL. The following image shows how Google Toolbar managed to translate all the text from Gmail, a web application that uses JavaScript to display the text messages.

Click to sort tables in Google Docs easily


Moreover, you can have translation from English to French for Google Docs. As you see in the picture, Google Toolbar translated the navigation bar, the sidebar, the list of documents and contextual menu. Google Toolbar can detect the changes and translates the new message in real time once you use the interface and select an option.


When you use this feature for Google Reader, the toolbar will translate all the posts as soon as they are loaded. Another interesting feature from the new experimental version of Google Toolbar is a sidebar for Google Bookmarks that brings many of the features that are already available in GMarks, a popular Firefox extension.


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