How To Keep Software Up to Date Automatically ?

Ketarin is a simple and useful application, which has the capability to update your setup files automatically. This can let you come out of stress to update your large collections of software, which have not been in used for a long period. Without this application, you have to download the latest version again once they are outdated. Therefore, you don’t have to spend your precious time to update your setup files and with this tool you can use this tool to update your files in a click.  Moreover, you can keep your setup files installers in your USB drives and take them wherever you want.

Want to spell check your web application


Some important features of Ketarin application:
•Clean and lean user interface
•Groupable application overview
•Flexible methods to specify save paths
•Regular expression support
•Group applications by user defined categories
•XML based import/export of applications
•Run custom commands after downloading
•Online database
This is an open source application, which has been written in C#.Net with SQLite as backend. Therefore, if you are a genius try to infuse your own talent.

Click to Source and DOWNLOAD

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